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Annual Management Report Fiscal Year 2012 Maastricht University School of Business and Economics Maastricht, November 7, 2012 Altrock, Felix Overkamp, Sasha Course code: EBC 4107 Course Tutor: M. Peeters I6011104 I6001945 Study: Master IB Finance Executive Summary Rapidly evolving health care industry transforms the way in which hospitals have to plan their financials, operations and their facility management. The way in which costs are determined, and influenced by exogenous factors, the treatment of patients, and the possibility to manage hospitals facilities have undergone significant changes. New structures and regulations in the health care industry have altered the way in which hospitals have to…show more content…
On top of that, the misuse and inefficiency of health care services cover a large chunk of cost drivers. Experts emphasize that hospital admissions are inappropriately modeled and the length of stays for patients is suboptimal. This indirectly leads over to the fact that the sizes of hospitals are often unreasonably large which indicates a low use of infrastructure planning (WHO, 2012). Especially, the idle bed capacity and inefficient patient flows are very costly and need to be improved. Naturally, it is difficult to control for costs since health care issues are not easily predictable. However, a cost optimization is necessary. 3 KPIs at Shouldice In order to assess a corporation’s success of a particular action or model, several strategic goals are established which are evaluated on an achievement basis. In many cases, the success is also dependent on the repetition of these achievements as some kind of operational goal like zero defects or 10 out of 10 satisfied customer reports. There are several other key performance indicators (KPI) besides profit, which can determine the profitability and effectiveness of Shouldice. In the end of the report, our study group will elaborate on additional non-financial indicators. For now, we will focus on the most important KPIs for the cost optimization model of Shouldice. In order to give a sound advice for structural changes in the organization of the hospital and therefore

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