Shouldn T Drop-Out Of School

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Many people have their opinions and reasons on why they drop out of school. Some may be mandatory and cannot be avoided or others are ignorant choices that were not taught through. In life, everyone has their mindset on what they want to do with their own life. Dropping out of high school should not be a decision for you to make because your salary or promotion may not be desirable, not be eligible for other jobs, living at home with parent(s). Lack of an education certification, such as a diploma is a big deal in the work industry. Although, you may think it is a right choice to drop out to work a job, but it is not. For instance, you are working a low-income job for many years, gaining experienced. You decide it’s time for a salary increase or a promotion. Your boss denied your request and give someone else a…show more content…
you try searching for another job that may pay you more than your current job. Looking at the requirements stated you have to have a form of certification or a degree in education to be considered for the job. This will make you even more disappointed in what you have chosen to do with your life. You will feel unhappy and would not be able to afford the things you have seen your friends have or even succeed in what they wanted to be in life. you will feel very regretful and wish you can do over time. This will cause a major setback for you to climb the ladder to where you have wanted to be in life. Not getting a good pay and not eligible for higher paying jobs causes a setback in your life. If you guessed stuck at home living with mom and dad, your right. No one in their adult life wants to be stuck living with their parents unless they have to because of illness. You will feel like a disappointment to yourself and your family because you have not stayed in high school to get your diploma. You did push yourself to your full potential and if you did will be a different
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