Shoveling Vs Grass Cutting Research Paper

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Most kids learn from their parents from a very young age that in order to earn anything you have to work hard for it. For example, if you wanted to buy a new bike you had to shovel some snow in the winter, or cut the neighbors grass to get some money for a new baseball bat, whatever the case may be children work hard at young ages to get the things that they want. But, we all know that one spoiled kid who gets everything he wants at the wave of his hand. All the other kids wonder why is he so lucky and why can’t I get things as easily as that little boy? All of that shoveling and grass cutting seemed meaningless because that one kid just had it given to him for sitting around and being lazy. That’s what society is starting to become more and…show more content…
Prices of goods and services are already increasing much faster than they should be. “ A cup of coffee for example, could increase 10-20%,(“Minimum wage”1)” stated. Ten to twenty percent is outrageous, imagine if everything costed that much more nobody would be able to afford anything. They also later stated a fact that they had heard from companies, “ Food product could be reduced up to 70% in size, (“Minimum wage”1)” that would be like ordering a burger now for the same price and only getting a tiny slider instead, that definetly is not a benfit by any means. also found out, “According to a survey done by the University of Purdue if the minimum wage was increased between 15-22 dollars would increases prices from anywhere to 4.3% price increase to 25%” (“Minimum wage” 5). That's hard to wrap your head around, even at the low end of a 4.3% price increase that would be outrageous, not to mention it could be…show more content…
All havoc would break loose, hundreds of thousands of jobs will be lost due to the huge spike in inflation. Just imagine the cause that all of these low wage workers are fighting for will just end up harming them and so many more than they believe. Including the bankruptcy of so many outstanding small businesses. All of the enormous monopolies that we took so long to destroy will become a reality again because there will be nothing left except the billion dollar big businesses. People just need to accept how the economy works now or they can fight for something that do not know the harm it can
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