Show Analysis: Gilmore Girls

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Gilmore Girls is a television show that focuses on the fast talking, coffee drinking, rock and roll listening, life of a mother and daughter. The mom, Lorelai Gilmore, came from a wealthy, well to do family. Her life as she knew it, was filled with private school, and fancy parties. Until, at age 16, she became pregnant. She chose to keep the baby, and make a life of her own. All without the kind of help her parents would give her. Her baby, Lorelai “Rory” Gilmore, and her moved out their home and went to live in a small town called “Stars Hallow.”

The series begins sixteen years later, Rory is a brilliant teenager that has got accepted into the private school “Chilton.” Rory’s dream is to attend Harvard University as a journalism
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I began watching this show when I was 15 years old, and I agree with the rating that is given. It is a great show to watch, especially for teenage to young adult girls, yet I do not recommend having a child under the age of 14 watching it. There is mild bad language, and some sex scenes. Though, I do feel that the amount of sex scenes and the profanity in the show was increased in the later seasons rather than the first couple…show more content…
The show is well represented by all ages, races, and genders. There are kid and teenager characters such as Rory, Paris, Lane, Dean, Jess, Clara, and April. Adult characters include Lorelai, Sookie, Luke, Emily, Richard, Ms. Patty, Babette, Morey, Taylor, Christopher, and Jackson. Both, females and males, are well represented. Although the cast is white dominated, there is some diversity. Lane and her mother, Mrs. Kim, are Korean and Michel Gerard is black. The characters are of all different shapes and sizes. It is not a cookie cutter mold. Rory are Lorelai are commented throughout the series for being extraordinarily tall. Rory’s best friend, Lane, and Lorelai’s best friend, Sookie, are on the shorter side. There are also skinny and fat people. There does not seem to be any discrimination on people’s appearance in Gilmore Girls. I cannot seem to think of or find any stereotypes or generalizations made in this show. The group of people I think might take offense by this show is the wealthy. Lorelai tends to “bash” the rich, including her parents, Emily and Richard. She seems to think that their way of living is unnatural. For example, Emily wanted to have a portrait done of Rory, but Rory’s pose for the picture included her holding her arm up like a ballerina and having a swan sit on her lap. Lorelai had to tell her mom that that pose
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