Show Jumping Is A Positive Aspect On My Life

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Since I was five, I have had a passion for horses and interacting with them. When I was younger, my parents gave me an array of dolls and horse figurines to entertain myself. I always used to ignore the dolls and play with horse figurines. Luckily, my older sister loved dolls so she just sneakily stole the dolls away from me one by one while I played with my horse figurines for hours. I have always admired the strength, beauty and power of horses. My interest in horses has caused me to search through websites and books for new ways to connect with them and finally after hours of searching; I finally found my calling. Many years later, show jumping has become a positive aspect on my life. One important aspect of show jumping is training. Training before a show has taught me many lessons that I can apply to other aspects of my life such as improving my training. While training a use different genres as a student would use a genre to aid them in classifying different texts that share the same characteristics. Videos are used to help gain more insight into show jumping while speeches and books are most commonly used for training. Videos are useful to help me visualize and hear different techniques. Since an instructor can only speak to you, videos allow me to understand what my instructor is trying to explain to me. For example, when I was first learning to jump, I was having trouble getting into two-point. I had to go on my laptop to look up tips on how to get into
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