Show Pet Foods: Case Report

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Case Report Introduction For any business, changes to the marketplace will have an adverse impact on the products that they are selling to customers. This will affect the approach they are using and the way they are reaching out to cliental. In the case of Show Pet Foods, the firm has an established tradition of serving a unique market of dog lovers. However, the company is not as widely known with consumers and there are an increasing number of competitors. This has placed pressure on their profit margins and position inside the marketplace. ("First in Show Pet Foods," n.d.) To address these challenges, requires that the Show Pet Foods must use new strategies that will help them to make these adjustments. At the heart of their approach, is to introduce a new brand (called Show Circuit). To fully understand how the best strategy for reaching out to cliental requires focusing on specific areas that will connect with a large demographic. The way that this will be accomplished is through looking at: the problem definition, the marketing decisions that need to be made, stating the alternatives, conducting an analysis and selecting the best approach. Together, these different elements will provide specific insights that will show how the firm can reach out to existing and new customers. This is when they will be able to regain market share and compete more effectively. ("First in Show Pet Foods," n.d.) Problem Definition Show Pet Foods has an outstanding reputation for

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