Showered with Imperfection

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First, he stayed on her island for one day, and then the next day, she asked to join his crew. He never intended to ask her to join him, he thought she would instantly reject him, although he was scrutinizing her, and she wasn't what he excepted.

He excepted her to be sadist, to hiss at him every two seconds, to scowl at him, to glare at him, to attempt to murder him, or anything from a woman who the government labeled as dangerous. Of course, she still pose as a possible threat to him and his crew, but when she first saw him, she didn't do anything. She, instead, showed hospitality, even giving him a ton of supplies.

That was seldom in this world. You could search for miles and miles, years and years, and you still wouldn't find anyone randomly giving you all of that treasure. Sure, if you ask someone for it and they concur, that would indeed be rare, but, someone giving it you without you asking is much more seldom.

In a way, he was grateful, fore his crew was famine, but at the same time, it agitated him. There could have possibly been poison inside, chemicals that would cause harm, small or big. It wasn't only food, however, there was money, herbs, medical things, weapons, and other things essential for survival. A generous endow indeed, but it could be lethal.

That was why he was investigating it. He eyed his dark eyes into the huge, black sack. There were things that…
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