Showing Demography Through Human Populations

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Showing Demography through Human Populations Both Pre- and Post-1950
I See Trends in Dead People

I. Purpose:
Is there a correlation between age of death before 1950 and after 1950 due to underlying factors? Between both sexes before and after 1950 from discriminating factors? What types of factors, and why?

II. Hypotheses
Within death rates and the factors that affect them, I hypothesize that death rates of both males and females will be higher in the younger populations before 1950 than after because of the medical advances we have made in technology, the wars before 1950, and other outlying factors such as lower awareness of the people, and widespread epidemic-level diseases. I additionally hypothesize that due to medical
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Mortality rate is simply the amount of deaths per age group.
4) Graph the data. From the tables, graphs were constructed to show age in relation to survival rate for both eras, and both sexes. Correlations were located, and used to support hypotheses with probable reasoning and logical conclusions.

V. Results

See packet of graphs attached.

VI. Conclusion

Death rates for the younger populations, as shown by the collected data, were higher in both sexes, but more so in the males. This can be for a variety of reasons, but most likely, the younger males were involved in World War II, or even World War I, or worked in factories where safety standards were by far underrated in comparison to today’s standards. Younger females were also suffering shorter life spans in reproductive age (about 20-50 years). This may have been caused by the same things that caused the high mortality rate in the males of the same age, but also, childbirth and hospital techniques which while maybe advanced for the time, were severely outdated when looked at from today’s standards. This data was fairly inconclusive for infant mortality rates, mostly showing that there was little to no mortality rate in the younger population. The data that did show infant mortality did only show a mortality rate prior to 1950, which as stated, had a lot to do with substandard to today’s procedures and lower rates of diseases
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