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Every small town is a picture perfect community set in the middle of nowhere. We’ve all heard of this type of town where no one’s house is close enough to see but everyone knows everyone’s name and there are no strangers. Typically these types of towns revolve around one thing; high school football. What happens when your small town is not one of the typical small time communities? What happens when the people of your town are all farmers? The answer is easy, you show. You show all sorts of animals from goats and lambs all the way to pigs and cattle. Showing livestock is valuable for building character and learning how the world works, but it also benefits the entire community. The life of a showman is not always simple. They have to wake…show more content…
From the moment they select an animal, there is an inseparable bond formed. Once the animal is back at their farm the hard work begins. It starts with helping the animal get acclimated to their new home and their new owner. Then the showman must establish a sense of trust with their animal and break it to lead. This is the most difficult part of showing because it is a necessity, however, the animal usually has a mind of their own. Therefore it may take countless frustrating hours of working with the animal just to accomplish getting the halter on properly. One of the most unpleasant chores of raising livestock is making sure they have clean bedding. The animal depends solely on their owner to survive and to give them a clean place to stay. This means cleaning the malodorous stalls of the animal is essential. Although some of the chores that come with raising show animals are very unpleasant, nothing compares to doing these same chores when it is winter. This may include putting on multiple layers of clothes to go outside and trek to the barn through the snow just to make sure there is fresh water for the animal to drink throughout the day or to break the ice off of their water buckets so that they may access their drinking water. All of these chores require hard work and determination coupled with consistency to give the livestock the best opportunity to grow and perform well at the

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