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The network Showtime is constantly breaking boundaries with its two drama series, Dexter and Weeds. Both shows push the limitations of ones morals and ethics. Showtime, which is the leading cable network on television today, proves why these two enthralling shows are so popular.
Dexter, the fictional Showtime drama has revolutionized how Americans portray serial killers. The show was based off of the popular novels written by Jeff Lindsay. The series was written by Scott Buck and Daniel Cerone and picked up by the cable network, Showtime. Dexter is an hour-long series that follows bloodstain pattern analysis Dexter Morgan as he satisfies his need for “killing” in the nicest way possible.
Dexter is shown to have always been a “killer”
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Nancy who becomes somewhat of a “head-honcho” in the weed industry begins mixing with all the wrong people. Nancy by the end of the seventh season has landed herself in jail and then a recovery house in New York City.
Nancy Botwin who’s played by Mary-Louise Parker has created a character in which oddly enough every mother and drug dealer can relate to. Parker has contrived a character that through all the chaos still finds a way to be a “mother” to her two sons. Parker has won multiple awards for her portrayal of Nancy Botwin. Mary-Louise Parker chose this role after she turned down the role of Susan Mayer (Teri Hatcher) in Desperate Housewives. Slate magazine even stated that the character of Nancy Botwin is one of the best on television. Mary-Louise Parker has adapted a role that has truly changed television drama.
Both Showtime shows Dexter and Weeds push the boundaries of what television drama has come to. Each show different in how the law is being broke defies all the rules of society, which is probably why audiences have become so entranced with both series. I myself have all the seasons for both dramas. My mother and I although a little late, became fans of Dexter when my mother was ill in 2009. It’s true neither of us can relate to the eccentric and dark personality of Dexter Morgan but we find suspense in the artfully crafted plot twists the show throws at you. Weeds, my boyfriend and
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