Shrek: A Review Essay

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“Another fairytale movie is out,” you inwardly groan as your kids jump up and down begging to see it. There’s nothing wrong with them, its just that they are always the same: a perfect man finds a perfect woman and they live happily ever after in lala land, if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. This is not the case with DreamWorks’ new film: Shrek. Yes it starts off “once upon a time” and may even end with “they lived happily ever after,” but the characters are lovable in a whole new way, not just for their charm and exceptional looks; the theme of the movie teaches great life lessons that every child and adult should know and the soundtrack is the phenomenal icing on top of the cake. The movie is named after the main character: …show more content…
Being highly skilled in the use of martial arts is only one of her big secrets. Each and every character is unique and very well developed, it would be hard not to get involved. Throughout the movie you find yourself rooting for them, sympathizing with them, and smiling and laughing when they are. Entwined throughout the whole movie is an ongoing theme of inside beauty, which is a good life lesson for everyone of all ages. Unlike the majority of movies that portray the leading characters as flawless and unrealistically beautiful with a love story that happens only in movies, Shrek is down to earth and truly genuine. Each character has authentic flaws and deficiencies, but learns to accept and embrace them. They discover that authentic beauty is built from the inside out and anyone who has kindness and good intentions will shine like a light. People are attracted to a good character and that is what makes a person truly beautiful. Not only do the characters in Shrek learn about inside beauty, but they also learn about true love. Love isn’t always perfect and there are often misunderstandings, and usually things don’t turn out as you expected, but with perseverance, all else prevails and the reward will come in good time.

On top of all this, the soundtrack is really sensational. The movie opens with “All Star” performed by Smash Mouth blaring in the background while Shrek and his

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