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Amanda Nelson Media Review: Shrek HUMS109-12R Ms. Pamela Schena May 2, 2014 I chose to view the movie Shrek which was produced in 2001. Having two small children, it is important for me to understand the value of what my husband and I allow them to view. To many, Shrek is simply a cartoon about a green ogre and a donkey, but Shrek has so much value. This movie can teach us important life lessons if we can open our eyes and see them. The film begins with a narrator explaining that a princess has been placed under a spell and locked away in a tower waiting for her true loves first kiss to free her. We then learn that the story is being read by an ogre reading a page out of…show more content…
We learn that it is okay to be unique and everyone can have a happily ever after. The underlying conflict in this film is Shrek’s appearance. All of the challenges that Shrek faces are because of his appearance and status in society. They solved this issue by showing that Shrek was worthy of a beautiful princess because his appearance is not important and it does not defy him. Violence was shown in this movie when Shrek stopped the wedding of Lord Farquaad and Princess Fiona. In this situation, I believe he could not have gotten Princess Fiona from the lord without a fight. In my opinion, the writers added violence to show how hard Shrek had to fight to get what he wanted in life. Lord Farquaad was not satisfied because he lost his chance to be king, but he did not want to be with Princess Fiona after she changed into an ogre. I could not see myself in this situation, but I can see a similar situation in my life. I fell in love with my husband in high school and we were nothing alike. I was the pudgy band kid and he was the high school all-star. I worked very hard and did not give up on my hopes to marry him. After many attempts and hard work, I discovered that my social status and appearance had nothing to do with love. If I were in Shrek’s situation, I would have probably done nothing. I do not like conflict and I would have more than likely continued to isolate myself further. This is the sad reality of what discrimination against

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