Shrek's Impact On Society And Symbolic Interactionism

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As Shrek was judged, we are as humans judged today. This is true for anything we do. Whether politics, television, or social media, it still defines how society and the individual will behave. See through everything society does, no matter the period of time, social interaction was navigated through words, and symbols. Which over time developed an emotional meaning, which are projected thru action or behaviour today. According to, the definition of Symbolic Interactionism is “a theory that human interaction and communication is facilitated by words, gestures, and other symbols that have acquired conventionalized meanings”, with this definition one can assume that the interactionist perspective is based around communication that is made easier, by things like words, gestures and symbols, so that they can gain the artistic meaning that will eventually make an effect (“symbolic interactionism”). Those who study the interactionist perspective often take every day social conversation and they use that to explain society, instead of taking the grand scheme of everything in its entirety and using that to explain a large societal area in its entirety. In the movie Shrek, the symbolism of each interaction has a deeper meaning somewhere down the road. For instance, Shrek losing his swamp leads to him going to Lord Farquaad. This in turn meeting Donkey and other fairy-tale creatures, and then going to save Fiona. This adventure, down the road of course, leads to him getting a wife and friends.
When Shrek first meet the fairy tale creatures, he was about to start his quest to talk to the great lord Farquaad. The fairy tale creatures, who were all imprisoned and banished to Shrek’s swamp by lord Farquaad from his kingdom, all came to Shrek’s swamp. This led to many friendships being formed, intricate and even direct relationships were formed. The fairy-tale creatures who came to Shrek’s swamp in the first place were ginger bread man named Gingy, the “big bad wolf”, named Wolfie, Pinocchio, 3 blind mice and 3 little pigs. While Shrek, Gingy and Pinocchio are closer in relationship with a more intricate relationship, the rest of the gang mentioned were not that close to Shrek. The symbols behinds all their

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