Shriner's Definition of Thriving in The Thriving Quotient

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I never thought much about what was in front of me as a child, but as I

Grew out of that carefree age, so did my perspective of the typical. What I seen as

my mothers chicken soup, was more like a fragrant bell. Summoning my family to

partake not only of the meal prepared, but also in each others company. Any stress

or predicament we may have felt was absent. It was that moment I realized food

can give much more then nourishment. One of my fundamental goals is to

eventually be able to share that experience. Teaching the essentials that will allow

me to prosper; I do believe college will hold a great factor to my accomplishments.

“ The Thriving Quotient ” an article created by Luarie A. Schriener, introduces a new

definition for thriving. Haidet, one of the many authors in this article describes thriving as

flourishing, however, this Haidet explains that flourishing was studied primarily in young

children. Therefore, “ flourishing ” did not contain an academic component crucial to college student success. In this case, the authors present the term “thriving” to identify college success and student engagement. Schreiner, and her team of authors,

briefly define thriving as “ A perspective of ones self” acknowledging that a students

individual perspective , can only define…
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