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3. The national employment standards: The NES cove the following 10 areas: 1.Maximum hours of work: A maximum of 38 ordinary hours of per week. Is Australian standard, these hours may also be average over a period specified by the award or agreement and an employee met request reasonable additional hours. 2.Request for flexible working arrangements: May include changes in hours, patterns and location of work. The employer may refuse these requests on reasonable business grounds. 3.parental leave: Employees with 12 months' continuous service are entitled to 12 months unpaid parental leave for birth and adoption. If the employer makes significant changes to the work, there is a requirement to consult with the employee while on unpaid leave.…show more content…
A reward strategy statement is basically a set of guiding principles as to how associated practices will be applied to support the organization’s aims. Most importantly, the reward strategy statement should indicate the primary purposes to which reward management will be directed. A reward strategy that has a cost focus would be concerned, first and foremost, with controlling labour costs and keeping labour costs in line with industry levels and external labour market practices. A strategy that focuses on a staffing role would highlight the role of remuneration in attracting and retaining staff of the right type. A strategy that has a motivational focus would emphasis the role of financial and non-financial rewards in eliciting desired performance factors. 10. Workplace stress Stress at work can be attributed to the nature of the job and its environment the individual worker, or a combination of these factors. Industrial psychologists have been criticized for focusing on individual aspects-personality, behaviours-at the expense of work environments or processes. On the other hand, some industrial sociologists have perhaps overemphasized working conditions as a cause of stress, underestimating the role of individual workers. Several stress researcher suggest that - involve role, job, and physical and interpersonal factor inherent in particular positions.
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