Shui Fabrics Case

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Shui Fabrics Case I. Statement of the Problem The company wants to improve or increase the annual return on investment. 10 years ago, the company ventured to China to lower labors costs of Rocky River Industries. It suffered money losing from the day it started its operations and interference from the Chinese government. Currently the annual return on investment of the company has been 5% for the past 3 years. The president of the company is expecting a 20% return on investment. The company is looking for ways to improve its annual return on investment without attracting the unwanted attention of the Chinese Government. II.…show more content…
| | |employment to their citizens. | | | |Vast Chinese market | | | |Chinese workers costs a fraction compared | | | |to American workers | | |Strengths |Strengths- Opportunities |Strengths- Threats | |The company already penetrated the country.|Continue operations |Establish stronger ties with the government| |The venture is solidified. | |Check the government laws about foreign | |The company is earning. | |investors and make sure to follow the | | | |acceptable practice | |Weaknesses |Weaknesses- Opportunities |Weaknesses- Threats | |loyalty of the Chinese deputy manager |Gain loyalty of the general manager through|Produce products the government
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