Shui Fabrics: a Critical Analysis of a Global

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Shui Fabrics: A Critical Analysis of a Global Problem Introduction Case analyses are a way to analyze different types of problems or issues a company has over a period of time. They focus on issues such as changes that supervisors and managers are forced to deal with. These changes can vary such as a company’s business strategy or the overall completive industry. Case analyses are valuable tools for several reasons. They are able to give an example and provide a scenario of problems that would not be available if not for that analysis. They also go hand and hand with what has been learned in the classroom as well as outside the class. It can cause students to practice their management skills as well as relate and…show more content…
Many people often do the same things, but just in a different way. By taking the global management potential assessment I realized what type of manager I am and alos what type of manager I would like to become. My score was below 60 which means that I need to do some serious work in developing my skills in global management. I am unable to speak a second language, I don’t travel to different countries, and my knowledge of other countries is low. In order to improve my management skill I must become open to change (Daft, pg 109). I am learning to adapt and be flexible in new situations. I hope to improve my cultural intelligence so that whenever I speak to someone that may not look, talk, or believe in the same things that I believe in I will be able to appropriately handle the situation. As a manager I am trying to release the ethnocentrism that is within me (Daft, pg 109). On my job I sometimes have to stop and remind myself that my way is not always the right way. This also goes with global management. As Americans we often believe that we are superior to others and that things will go our way. In order for me to be a successful manager I must learn to be open and willing to listen and consider other cultures opinions. CONCLUSION The insight that was gained from taking the global management potential quiz has opened my eyes and forced me to realize what area I fall in. I have also

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