Shunaysha Character Analysis

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Functional Behavioral Summary Shunaysha’s non-compliance behavior appears to be exhibited sporadically, when she is given a directive to complete or participate in a less preferred activity. This behavior was observed in the primary classroom, when the teacher asks Shunaysha to transition away from her assigned seat with the carousel to another seat near the front to watch the film “Hidden Figures”. Shunaysha needed three prompts from the teacher and then the teacher had to walk over to her desk and give her the directive once again before she would respond. Shunaysha’s response to the teacher was “I want to sit here”, although she would have difficulty seeing the movie from her seat with the carousel blocking her view. In addition,…show more content…
She will be quick to tell them to “shut up”, or act as if she will physically hit them or she may follow-through and strike them. Shunaysha does not respond well to criticism from her peers, doesn’t like their stares, comments, or verbal disagreements. Although, she may be participating in the back and forth dialogue, she may take it to the next step and physically hit them. She definitely appears to need to have the upper hand and will not allow a classmate to get away with a comment, laugh or gesture towards her. Although, I did not observe a high frequency of aggressive behavior, it was obvious that she has a low tolerance for conflict. This was observed during classroom time when students were working on math. One of the male students made a comment to her, therefore, she went over and pulled his hair. When he decided to retaliate, she yelled that he was bothering her although, she initiated the aggressive behavior. To avoid punishment for the aggressive behavior she will report the behavior although she may have initially used physical aggressive tactics towards the other
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