Shuri Book Report

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A wanderer searches for the mystical weapons of legendary warriors as he tries to save a village from creatures determined to rid earth of humanity.


SHURI (16) a former protector of his village and now a wanderer is in search for the mystical weapons that once belonged to legendary warriors. Man is in a war against a fierce creature known as the Frynge, with the most powerful creature being the SHADOW.

A small village run by CHIEF MORI and the council are defenseless against a group of bandits who raid the town for food and threaten the villagers. Chief Mori’s daughter, ANA (15) stands up against the bandits when no one else will, including her father. Ana wants her father to take her seriously and give her an active role on the village council.

Ana stumbles into Shuri battling the creatures with his powerful gauntlet. She’s amazed by his skills and his ability. When
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Ana defends him. She grabs her nunchaku and swings them. Suddenly a burst of energy light erupts out of the nunchaku. It even surprises Ana. The bandits continue to charge and the blast of energy grows stronger. As they continue to attack Ana, Shuri returns. He defeats the bandits, but warns the villagers of a bigger threat. The Frynge are planning to attack the village. They are hunting for Shuri, but will kill all humans in their way and destroy their world. Ferals are the lower class creatures, but the Shadow is the most deadly one to battle. It won’t be easy. Mori is aware of the Frynge. He orders everyone to take shelter in the bunkers and clear the city.

Ana wants to battle the creatures, but her father forces her into the shelter while Shuri fights their battle. Mori tells them about the Order of Sanctus warriors who possessed seven mystical, special weapons. The nunchaku weapons have the same symbol as Shuri’s gauntlet. It was to Mori as a wedding gift from his wife. Mori and the councilman decided not to tell their children about the
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