Shutter Island : Multiple Mental Illnesses

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Shutter Island portrays multiple mental illnesses in the main character as well as in supporting characters. One might call it an abnormal psychology “goldmine.” It takes place at a water-bound psychiatric facility, Shutter Island, housing the criminally insane. The plot is about a man who refers to himself as Teddy. He believes he and his partner are detectives, on the island, to investigate the disappearance of a patient. He is also in search of a patient named Andrew Laeddis, who Teddy believes murdered his wife. The detective becomes paranoid that the facility is treating the patients unfairly and performing experimental lobotomies. The delusion goes on for several months, Teddy never realizing he is actually a patient, until he is brought back to reality at the climax of the movie. His delusion ends. He realizes he’s a patient for a very short amount of time before he goes back to believing he’s a detective. The delusion starts all over again. Throughout most of the film, viewers see his delusion as a reality, until the twist at the end when it is revealed that he is actually a patient. Teddy is actually a counter personality of Andrew Laeddis, the patient he sought out to avenge his wife’s murder. In previous years, Andrew was a World War II veteran, who helped free Jews at the Nazi concentration camps. He coped with his symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder by drinking alcohol and spending all of his time at work. He emotional detached himself from his bipolar

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