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Shuwen Qian Stephen Snow HIST-117 04 May 2017 Red River by Lalita Tademy Book Review Lalita Tademy is the New York Times Bestselling author of three historical novels. She has been featured in People Magazine, O Magazine, More Magazine, Good Housekeeping, The Today Show, The Early Show, CNN, and the Oprah Winfrey Show, and has appeared as a speaker for the Library of Congress and National Book Festival, the California Governor’s Conference for Women, African American Librarians – Black Caucus, Louisiana Library Association, Professional Businesswomen of California, National Association of Principals for Girls, and as a San Francisco Library Laureate ( (Lalita Tademy)). Lalita Tademy weaves together history and the story of her own family…show more content…
A lot of public buildings and schools were made off limits to African Americans and only educated those who were white. So how can it be that we were educated in our text books that white and dark men were equivalent when they obviously were most certainly not? Does race really matter? In Lalita Tademy’s Red River, she told us the story of the struggle the Tademy and the Smith family had to go through for many generations. It was 1873 in Colfax, Louisiana; it was the time after the Civil War had ended between the Union and the Confederate states in the United States, and the beginning of the Reconstruction Era. This book started by introducing a former slave turned farmer, Israel Smith, and his family: his wife Lucy, and two sons Noby and David. Israel was a black man who just wanted a better life for him and his children. However, it seemed like he somewhat favored Noby over David (even though David was the oldest). The reason behind for this was because David wasn’t his biological father. As Tademy explains, “Noby is so obviously from his seed, David is so obviously not. Noby, his stolen child, stolen from slavery, stolen from death. The first of his seed to live with him in freedom David was born while most of the white men were away fighting for the confederacy. Israel thought he was fully prepared to embrace Lucy’s child when David came. even though he was issue of Lucy’s

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