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TO: FROM: DATE: SUBJECT: Shuzworld distribution pattern gives a clear view of Shuzworld strategies of growth from it’s foundations to becoming a company niche in the market. From the spear headers tactics they therefore used different combination of patterns driving the company to have explosive achievements. It laid on a plan to enter in to the mass market with a clear mission of becoming a nation wide retailer that was in between it’s foundation in 1965 to 1980s to date where it is still growing drastically. In great response to the public they were entrusted to provide families with quality footwear, fashioned that supersede the increased demand of today’s lifestyle thus giving the precise combination of style, convenience,…show more content…
The focus on production of deck shoes involved the process the three machines in sequence for the machine has its on responsibility for the marking of the shoe further more the recommendation for a machines that is for back up, it will concurrently deliver effectively with the twin reliability. . From the reliability decision analysis tool from the out put it gives a clear view reliability figures. |Deck shoes reliability | |Machine |Reliability | |Number One |.94 | |Number Two |.95 | |Number Three |.99 | | | | |For the back-up machine it will enable us to have a revised reliability system. | | When lowering production costs it desires a different approach for a solution thus the

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