Shuzworld Analysis

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Shuzworld Analysis: Workflow, Cost, Staffing
JGT2 Decision Analysis, Task 1

Introduction: Shuzworld is a national retailer based in Omaha, Nebraska that focuses on selling shoes, boots, and sandals. In addition, the company produces its own line of products that include work boots, sandals, rubber boots, and rainwear; along with sport and adventure footwear (MindEdge, 2014). The purpose of this report is to provide recommendations based on several analyses involving the company’s workflow, costs associated with a new product line, and the staffing plan at the Shanghai plant. A. Workflow: Shuzworld produces Rugged Wear Work Boots at its Shanghai production facility using an 8-step process and an assembly line of 8
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Another benefit to increased communication between workers is increased job satisfaction and productivity (Heizer, 2011). A1. Justification: The streamlined, 5-workstation production line layout was selected bases on an analysis of Shuzworld’s assembly line data at its Shanghai production facility. The 5-workstation assembly line was achieved by using the assembly line balancing tool, which is designed to minimize the imbalance between machines and/or personnel while meeting the amount of output required. Using the data from the assembly schedule provided by the Shanghai production facility, the cycle time (takt time) and the minimum number of workstations was calculated in preparation for using the assembly line balancing tool. The cycle time indicates how often a unit needs to be completed in order to reach the target goal by dividing the number of available minutes per day by the number of units required. The assembly line operates 40-hours a week and is budgeted to produce 6 work boots an hour. So the cycle time is calculated as follows: Production time available per day: = (40 hours / 5 days) x 60 minutes per day = (40 / 5) x 60 = 8 x 60 = 480 minutes Units required per day: = 6 work boots an hour x 8 hours a day = 6 x 8 = 48 work boots Cycle time = Production time available per day / Units required per day = 480 minutes / 48 work boots = 480 /

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