Shyla Hill Research Paper

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R/s Madison (4) is autistic and she needs therapy, but Alexandria (mom) is not allowing the child to receive therapy. R/s Alexandria also stopped Madison’s medication. R/s Corey (dad) is not supposed to be in the home, but he does live in the home. R/s Corey is a crack dealer. R/s Jayda (11) and Shyla (7) are in the home. R/s they sell their food stamps. R/s reportedly there is a weapon kept in a shoebox inside the closet.
R/s Madison disclosed that Corey locks her in the room and calls her foul names like “fucking bitch.” R/s the therapist didn’t want to go into the home because Corey was in the home. R/s it is believed Alexandria is using some type of substance. R/s the other night, Alexandria was observed putting something (possibly drugs) in her car before she called LE to come to her house.
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She is autistic.
Shyla Hill is a biracial female, born on 03/03/2009.
Jayda is a biracial female, born on 04/23/2005. She has a learning disability.
Bio mother-Alexander Hill is a white male, born on
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