Shymila's Death: A Short Story

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On Tuesday 07/18/17 at 1440 hours I was dispatched to a physical domestic which occurred at 510 M ST SE apartment number H-86 in the City of Auburn, King Co, WA. Dispatch advised the reporting person, Joyce Luvert, stated her daughter, Shymila Luvert, threw a bottle of water at her, and left the location on foot. I contacted Joyce at her apartment. Joyce explained she has custody of Shymila's 11 year old son, Nascar Reed, and Tuesday are visiting days for Shymila. Joyce said Shymila arrived at her residence at about 1330 hours, and was intoxicated from alcohol. Joyce said at about 1410 hours, Shymila started being very rude, and cursing at her, so she told Shymila to leave. Joyce said she began to walk away from Shymila and Shymila threw water on back her from a plastic water bottle. Joyce said Shymila began to walk out of the apartment, and threw water on Nascar. Nascar told me the water hit the left side of his shirt. Joyce said Shymila left on foot, and she did not know where she went. Joyce said Shymila does not have a phone, and she does not know where Shymila lives.…show more content…
At the time of my contact, I did not see any water on Joyce or Nascar. I asked Joyce if she would provide a statement, and she said she did not want to. I did not obtain a statement from Nascar because of his age. Based on Joyce stating Shymila threw water on her and Nascar, there is probable cause to arrest her for two counts of RCW 9A.36.041 DV Assault 4th Degree. Because Nascar was present during the assault of Joyce, and was assaulted himself, there is also probable cause to arrest Shymila for AMC 9.26.010 Exposing minor children to domestic violence. I completed a Domestic violence supplemental form and included it in the case jacket. At this time, I have not be able to locate Shymila so this case is being forwarded to the City of Auburn Prosecutor's Office for review and filing of

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