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Royal Dutch Shell (Shell) is a worldwide group of oil, gas and petrochemical companies that explores for, produces and trades in a range of energy resources. Royal Dutch Shell also has a broad portfolio of hydrogen, biofuels, wind and solar power interests, and also provides consultancy and technical services as well as research and development expertise to the energy industry. Royal Dutch Shell is active in more than 130 countries and territories, and employs 108,000 people worldwide. Governance Shell’s Business Principles guide the company's operations: • Economic • Health, Safety, Security and the Environment • Competition • Local Communities • Business Integrity • Communication and Engagement • Political Activities •
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With the help of the central scenarios team, individual businesses also create their own scenarios – at business and regional level - to inform and test their strategic plans. Shell uses a business alignment tool to help individual operations measure their alignment with the Business Principles. It also runs a Shell-wide issues management process, where environmental and social issues from the different businesses and regions are prioritised and managed. Input from this process is fed into the business planning process. Shell’s Business Principles state that investment decisions must take into account social and environmental considerations and an appraisal of the security of the investment. This can be exemplified in the decision-making to move forward on a development project in the Gas and Power business unit. Projects must pass through a “funnel”, and only projects that meet specific criteria at various stages of the funnel are executed. Projects at the early stage have to produce risk and issues matrices and engagement plans, which are considered integral tools to business development. There are

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