Sia Corporation Case Essay

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1. What are some of the social, political, and economic forces that are influencing SIA’s decision to become a learning organization?
When SIA Corporation decides to become a learning organization that SIA manager thinks about developing five discipline: system thinking, shared vision, challenging mental models, team learning, and personal mastery in which everyone is engaged in identifying and solving problems, enabling the organization to continuously experiment, improve, and increase its capability. In the early years of the new century, many companies use behavioral sciences approach that means they use information and techniques from the social sciences to improve organizations health and improving internal
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He also should create a good relationship between employers and employees, and led them clear the goal and purpose SIA organization. Therefore, managers of each department need to be training to associate with their employees. Looking at a whole system of organization, and listening ideas from their employees, leaving a chance for each employee creates her or his skill and ability. Managers and leaderships need to reduce the Bureaucratic paradigm in SIA Corporation because the Learning Organization is fundamentally different from Bureaucratic organization such as, “Whereas the Bureaucratic paradigm manages by reductionism …the L.O. has a holistic preference, never forgetting the whole system. Whereas the Bureaucratic paradigm claims to be ‘value free’, the L.O. stands openly on certain values -- on respect for human beings, who are far more than ‘human resources’ or ‘factors of production’, on responsibilities between people, on collective commitments to communities of work and expression, on the struggle towards truth in improving processes of interaction and improving oneself.”
When employees work together and look for the problems, they can learn more knowledge and technology skills, understanding special customer needs, and knowing that sustained competitive advantage. Managers try to do not impress employees who are lack of technology skills but need to encourage them. R&D

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