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Business Case Study: Siam Canadian Food Co., Ltd


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Introduction of the Company :
SIAM Canadian Foods, founded and managed by Jim Gulkin, is a Bangkok-based Canadian-owned company that has been involved in the seafood brokerage business for almost 10 years. It was started in April 1987 after Canadian Jim Gulkin quit his job in the oil industry and invested his life saving of Cdn$130,000 in the business. When first starting out , Gulkin was total inexperienced in the food brokering business.
SC’s role as a food broker was to indentify overseas customers, usually food importers, and negotiate sales with them on behalf of food processors in Thailand. Siam deals with an
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The Impact of New Entrants related to sea food business is high which will increase the competition for Gulikn's Business.
Suppliers: Micro business, Fishermen, contractors and etc., As there are ample number of small business suppliers and good percentage of availability of renewable natural resources (sea food) the power of suppliers is minimal. Furthermore, Gulkin has a good relations and financial capacity to hire his own personnel for suppliers under Laws.
Buyers: Restaurants around the world, local and global food businesses, food processing Organizations, Government and etc., The Power buyers can be said as Low, as the food is the basic need for everyone and the food industry
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