Sibling Relationships And Family Relationships

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Over time the relationships you have with your siblings change, you can start out not liking each other and then in later life being to love or tolerate each other ("Brothers, Sisters and Aging Parents", 2014). Late adulthood is defined as being over the age of sixty-five (Later Adulthood, n.d.). The sibling relationships is forced relationships that are maintained by the siblings to foster a lifelong relationship (Martin, Anderson, & Rocca, 2005). Siblings play very different roles for each other, friend, competitor, manager, and teacher (as cited in Martin et al., 2005). Sibling relationships can be of three different types: Brother and brother, sister and sister, and brother and sister, all three will be discussed. Brother and Brother relationships out of the three types seem to have the least amount of telephone contact of all the types (Spitze & Trent, 2006). Tend to help each other more with giving help to each other than receiving help from each other, brothers tend to help with giving advice over helping each other with transportation (Spitze & Trent, 2006). Brothers would rather receive help with child care then be the brother providing the child care (Spitze & Trent, 2006). Brother relationships tend to be completive with each other trying to outdo each other. Brothers tend to visit each other about three times a month (Spitze & Trent, 2006). Brothers tend to help each other with repairs more than any other sibling type (Spitze &Trent, 2006). Sister and
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