Sibling Relationships Provide An Important Context For Children 's Development

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“Some relationships are like Tom and Jerry. They tease each other, knock down each other, irritate each other, but can’t live without each other”(IgnitedQuotes ). Sometimes I hear youngsters say that they don 't like their brother or sister or they wish they were an only child. But they don 't know the relationship between siblings is a very important relationship and siblings are a blessing. When we have a brother or sister for all time we have someone there to talk to when we are in a condition that we feel that we can 't talk to our parents about our problem. Sometimes we need to talk to someone especially we are teenagers we are frightened to share with our mother so, at that time older siblings are the best person we can confide in. They know what kind of problems teenagers have, and they will always try to help their younger siblings. According to Klein, Pnina S., Ruth Feldman, and Shlomit Zarur "Sibling relationships provide an important context for children’s development. Research on the sibling relationship has often focused on the role siblings play in each other’s socialization, and examined issues such as communication skills, understanding feelings, perspective taking, conflict resolution, or aggression management". Although older siblings don 't have enough time for their own life because they have to take care of their younger siblings, there are positive effects also: older siblings teach us about life, and having life time relation. Oldest siblings gives
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