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“Family Traits” Deidre Hocevar Professor Veselits October 10th, 2012 EN 101-15 Final Draft Acknowledgements I would like to thank the following peer reviewers for their excellent input on my essay. Alisha Galli QSR DR First Draft Ashley Niemiec SR2 Nicole Colasanto AFW Professor Veselits First Draft “Our Time” by John Edgar Wideman is a homage to his brother, who is currently incarcerated for robbery and murder. Wideman goes into the depths of the jail where his brother is currently incarcerated and the family dynamics that he believes put him there. Robby’s best friend and the leader of his gang Garth was killed due to negligence and that is where Robby’s downward spiral began. His brother Robby was the youngest of…show more content…
The family dynamics stated, “his privacy and mine had been exclusive”(Wideman 674). So for them to open up to each other about the mistakes they have both made was hard but eventually all the pieces fell into place. In order to develop their bond they needed to open up and express to each other their issues. If they were to avoid each other John would have never fully developed his writing skills. The first topic they covered was the lies Robby has told over the years. Like how he staged a robbery in his own house and stole a TV to pawn for money for drugs. John still feels as though he can relate with his brother on a new level of trust and respect. “But where was I? Who was I? How did I miss so much (Wideman 687)?” John admits to himself here that the situation with Robby had gotten so out of hand for him and his family most of the time they chose to look away. He has blocked so many wrongful actions from his mind that Robby’s “confession” made him realize all that he had been suppressing for years. John feels like a “hypocrite” because when the TV was stolen his father in law bought him and his wife a new one. With their homeowners insurance though they were refunded 100 dollars. Instead of giving it to his father in law he chose to keep it. When the truth came out his father in law was hurt and felt that John had manipulated the situation. Though this is a small mistake compared to Robby and his crimes, Wideman begins to feel

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