Siblings In Much Ado About Nothing And Don John

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Have you ever had a sibling that you fought with constantly? The siblings in Much Ado About Nothing (Don Pedro/Don John.) certainly do. William Shakespeare, the Playwright, did a great job engineering their relationship. Much Ado About Nothing’s conflict is surrounded by treachery, dishonesty, slander, romance, and Social Classes. The other part of the conflict is about a friend trap, a plot to ruin a marriage between main characters, and a lot of physical conflict. Don John and Don Pedro have more different qualities than they have qualities in common. The siblings Don John and Don Pedro are nothing alike! Or are they? ¨I´d rather be a canker in a hedge, than a rose in his bush!” In this quote, he said that he doesn’t want to be a friend of his brother, and the fact that he hates his brother is apparent in this quote. “It must be said that I am a plain dealing villain.” In this quote, he even admits that he tries to create conflict. In some cases, however, Don John is very similar to his brother. Most siblings are different, but also very similar in some cases. “The prince’s brother...” This quote indicates that Don John and Don Pedro are both princes, meaning that they have some subjects that they rule over. This also indicates that they must show some good qualities that they must have, such as good judgement. Don John is just as good of a judge of character as Don Pedro, though Don John doubts that he is a good judge of character. The truth is that

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