Sick Around the World Essay

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While watching the film “Sick around the World,” I learned that one of the first statements made on the video was extremely true. The statement made was, “other countries do much better than the U.S but spend a lot less money.” There were numerous innovations that impressed me from several different countries. The countries with innovations that stuck out the most were Germany, Japan, and Taiwan. Germany has a market based health system. They have universal health care that covers medical, dental, mental health and even homeopathy. Insurance companies cannot make a profit from insured customers. Therefore, the price for insurance is negotiated between the government and the Insurance provider. Like any other healthcare system there are…show more content…
In Japan it seems as if the doctors have a closer relationship with their patients mainly because the patients’ g o to the doctor three times more than Americans and the doctors’ still make house calls. Japan has always had extraordinary health statistics, mainly because the have a healthier diet and lifestyle. Taiwan has a fairly new healthcare system in which they copied various ideas from other countries. There is plenty of competition among providers, no wait during doctor visits and also a free choice of doctors. They have a national insurance system, in which they forced everyone to pay. They don’t allow rich people to opt out and get private insurance like Germany does. The people in Taiwan are highly satisfied with the healthcare. The smart card they use would be a great technique to implement in the U.S. It is a card that will show the patient’s medical history and also pays the medical bill. The clinics in Taiwan are open on the weekends; I believe this would benefit the U.S greatly. If more clinics were accessible on the weekends, I believe this would cause a decrease in people going to the emergency rooms for simple health problems. In conclusion, the film “Sick around the World,” displayed how behind the United States healthcare system really is. I am excited for the new innovations to take place and I know that once the reform actually takes place many more will follow. I believe the United States will end up copying
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