Sickle Cell Disease: Case Study

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1. List your publications/presentations, if applicable. Include authorship rank, submitted/published/ presented, when/where, work in progress.

Drazen, C. H., Abel, R., Gabir, M., Farmer, G. and King, A. A., Prevalence of Developmental Delay and Contributing Factors Among Children With Sickle Cell Disease. 2016 Mar;63(3):504-10. doi: 10.1002/pbc.25838. Epub 2015 Nov 17
“The Assessment of Quality of Life in Infants with Sickle Cell Disease.” Mohamed Gabir. 2015 PHASE and SPRINGH Symposia; St. Louis, Missouri: July 30-31, 2015.

2. What can you do this year, including the upcoming summer, to strengthen your portfolio?

The area of my portfolio which perhaps needs to most work is my MCAT. When I took the MCAT the first time, I did not prepare well enough due to many different factors including family problems back home. It is
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When the AAMC surveys medical students, they report a wide range of factors that influenced their choice of medical school to attend. The top ten most cited factors are listed below. Which of these do you anticipate being important to you? Are there other factors you know you want to consider in choosing schools to which you will apply?

There are many factors which I anticipate will influence the decision of where I go. However, I will list some of the most important factors in no particular order.
First, I want to attend a medical school which has continued investment in reaching the underserved populations both locally and internationally. Schools that engage with community-based medicine will have services free clinics in low income areas. My whole undergraduate career has been focused on understanding how to reach these populations because medicine, at its core, is to help those in need. Wealth and status should not prevent be a precursor to access quality healthcare. Medical schools that align with my personal beliefs are ones that I will heavily consider when choosing where to
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