Sicko By Michael Moore Essay

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After watching the documentary Sicko by Michael Moore I realized that the United States has a bad system regarding healthcare. You’d expect that being the strongest and one of the most well-known countries in the world the country would have amazing features within it. The documentary Sick tells us about the U.S healthcare system and all of its flaws.

According to Michael Moore in the United States people whether it be middle class or poor are being exploited. The healthcare in the United States is hugely supplied by Health Maintenance Organization’s (HMO), they are making citizens pay very high amounts of money for healthcare, leading the people using it have insurance to cover problems such as healthcare. However, these HMO’s are taking advantage of their customers by adding a lot of guidelines to their insurance that the customers don’t expect leading the insurance companies to not even insure their customers when they need the money. Insurance companies even have people that specifically look for problems in their customers past that can link to their concurrent
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The government doesn’t do anything against such things because it’s HMO that should pay for most care however they have the final say in providing patients money or not. HMO’s can get away with such things because they have a lot of money and can pay their ways through problems. The documentary talked about how a rich hospital treats its patients and later transfers them to a worse hospital because they find out that the patient may not be able to pay for their care. This isn’t even a problem to the hospitals however because in the U.S the hospitals are covered by the government and other
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