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Paper #2 [Rhetorical Analysis Assignment (1)] (4 full pp. double-spaced) Sicko Analysis In 2007 documentary Sicko Michael Moore addresses the issue of America’s health care system. This topic has been in continuous debate among our political leaders for many years now. Michael Moore believes America’s health system is morally corrupt which is unreasonable for being the wealthiest country in the world. In many instances throughout the film, he argues the fact that the American health care system is subject to fraudulent decisions, aiming towards governmental funds, rather than the rights of American citizens. Furthermore, he compares health care conditions from around the world, arguing that countries with this benefit are much better…show more content…
And somebody has to look out for them.” (Sicko) People are willing to pay for another’s health care through taxes because either way they still receive ideal care. Moore’s argument here shows us that universal health is a bit expensive but it is worth it because everyone receives ideal care. It is up to the U.S citizens to determine if they want universal health care. This is because they will be paying for another’s health care along with their own. Michael now moves on to another country To see how universal health care will affect the income and standard of living of government paid doctors, since he has already established the fact that people believe it is necessary to help their fellow citizens. When in Britain Moore interviewed a general practitioner who works for the government about how much he got paid and how his standard of living was. Moore suspected he received a low income salary and had to take a public transportation however that was not the case. “Michael Moore:, working for the government, you probably have to use public transportation? British Doctor: No, so, I have a car that I use... Michael Moore: An old beater? [cut to a frontal close take of the Doctor's HOT Audi parking] “(Sicko) Moore uses ethos and pathos here again, the fact that the government paid doctor drives an amazing car and also lives in a million dollar home makes the audience feel somewhat jealous, it plants the

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