Sicko Reflection

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The film Sicko was indeed a very powerful and educational documentary about the United States Health Care System. There were numerous stories that resonated with me, but if I were to just choose one, it would have to be the story about the 9/11 rescuers who couldn’t afford to receive treatment for their illnesses, which were caused by their heroism on 9/11. When I heard this story, it just made me so upset that our healthcare system could not make an exception to treat the many heroes of 9/11. On the contrary, they were treated better and on top of that for free by another country. Every single day we are losing thousand and thousand of our people simply because they do not have the means to pay for their treatments. In fact, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website states, that there are still over 28 million people in the United States who are uninsured (, 2017). The American Journal of Public Health published a new study about the number of deaths found annually for those who are uninsured. The study found that nearly 45,000 annual deaths were associated with the lack of health insurance (Cecere, 2009). These numbers are upsurge and something needs to be done to change this. We are the only country in the world that does not have universal health care. We are also the country that pays the most for health care and still has the worst birth rate compared to those countries that pay less for their health care. I think that our government should be
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