Siddhartha Appearance Motif Essay

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The Unity of Appearance The novel Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse exemplifies the idea behind appearance. The novel is able – through dialogue, events, and descriptions – to show how appearance does not exemplify the world as a whole, yet how appearance does not symbolize nothing, but instead how appearance matters in the sense that it changes and tells a story. Appearance matters in a way that all objects of the world portray their story through their appearance. Appearance allows someone or something to see nooks and crannies within objects in order to see that objects past, present and future. For example how the scratches on rocks show weathering while wrinkles on a human show stress. Take that even further and see how deep those …show more content…
He can be seen as the perfect boy described through his appearance “his slender shoulders on the river bank … strong, handsome, supple-limbed … Siddhartha walked through the streets of the town, with his lofty brow, his king-like eyes and his slim figure” (Hesse 1-2). The initial descriptions of Siddhartha on the first two pages of the novel have already introduced the whole life of Siddhartha prior to the start of the novel. Here we can see that Siddhartha has grown to be an exceptionally up and coming child that has surpassed the greatest challenges presented to him. Hesse uses this idea of appearance to not only show how perfection envelops Siddhartha, but also to use this idea of never failing to lead into the arrogance and defiance of Siddhartha as he leaves his father and later even questions Buddha.
As Siddhartha begins to part ways with the Samana’s teachings of lacking physical goods he meets a woman described as “a young woman was kneeling and washing clothes … she raised her head and looked at him with a smile, so that he could see the whites of her eyes shining … her moist lips gleaming attractively in her young face. She exchanged light remarks with him … She then placed her left foot on his right and made a gesture, such as a woman makes when she invites a man to that kind of enjoyment of love which the holy books call ‘ascending the tree.’ … he stooped a little towards the woman

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