Siddhartha, By Hermann Hesse

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Siddhartha Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse was a very interesting book to read. I found it to be a very interesting way for people, like myself, who are not Hindus, and who do not live in India to learn about the Indian and Hindu culture and religion without being there physically to experience it. This book is about a boy, Siddhartha, who is probably somewhere in his teenage years. He lives with his father, who is a Brahmin, they live together in ancient India. As in many cases, there is an expectation that Siddhartha is going to follow in his father’s footsteps. If this were to take place then Siddhartha would become a Brahmin and do the same types of things in his life that his father has done in his. I particularly liked this book because I felt as though it was something that many people can relate to. While a lot of people, at least not in the United States, do not have the expectation of becoming a Brahmin, there are a lot of children and young adults who are expected to follow what their parents have done in their life, or what if not following their exact path then they are expected to follow the path that their parents have chosen for them. Going back to the book, Siddhartha continues to struggle after he and his friend hang out together, and everything is perfect, but then, all of a sudden he doesn’t feel anything, he isn’t happy, which concerned him because it was something that would normally make him and other people very happy. Siddhartha, the book, is about
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