Siddhartha Character Analysis

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In Siddhartha by Herman Hess, Siddhartha views himself as determined, optimistic, and wise. Siddhartha sees himself as determined due to his on-going search for enlightenment. Siddhartha's father watches his son, "Again from hour to hour, silent, peered into the room, saw the unmoved stander, filled his heart with anger, filled his heart with apprehension, filled his heart with fear, filled it with sorrow" (Hess 10). Siddhartha's father comes to the realization that his son will stand outside with no food until he can join the Samanas. Siddhartha is so determined to try to find peace that he would rather grow weak and hungry than not go with the Samanas. Along with determination, Siddhartha sees himself as optimistic.When bad things happen, Siddhartha chooses to see the good and make the best out of it. Siddhartha says to Kamaswami, "Certainly, I traveled for my pleasure. For what else? I became acquainted with people and places, I enjoyed trust and friendliness, I found friendship. Now, dear friend, if I were Kamaswami, then the instant I saw that my purchase was thwarted, I would have angrily hastened back, and time and money would indeed have been lost" (Hess 61). Siddhartha chose to make a positive experience from his failed trip instead of a negative one. Another way that Siddhartha sees him is wise. Wisdom plays an important part in his journey to find peace and happiness. Siddhartha explains to Govinda, "I am telling you what I have found. Knowledge can be
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