Siddhartha Essay

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In the days of Siddhartha, there were different ways of achieving the Enlightenment. Learning about the Enlightenment couldn’t be taught with words, but can be taught mentally, and individually. Siddhartha went on a voyage to achieve enlightenment and finally learned about it. It all takes place in ancient India where he lived with his father who is a Brahmin.
     Siddhartha was a handsome man who lived with his father in ancient India. Everyone in the village wants Siddhartha to become a Brahmin like his father. Govinda, who is Siddhartha’s best friend, together they perform all the rituals of religion and does all the rituals which bring him peace and happiness. Siddhartha doesn’t want to become like his
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Siddhartha and Govinda inform the leader of the Samanas of their decision to leave and join with the Gotama’s.
     Siddhartha and Govinda find Gotama’s camp of followers and are taken in. Siddhartha is happy with Gotama, and he and Govinda are instructed in the Eightfold Path, the four main points, and other aspects of Buddhism. While Govinda is convinced to join Gotama and his followers, Siddhartha still has doubts. He has noticed a contradiction in Gotama’s teachings. Siddhartha decides to learn from the pleasures of the body and the material world. Siddhartha meets a friendly ferryman, very happy with his simple life. Siddhartha crosses the ferryman’s river and goes to a city. He meets a beautiful courtesan named Kamala. He thinks she would be the best one to teach him about love, but Kamala will not have him unless he proves he can fit into the material world. She convinces him to take up the path of the merchant. Siddhartha soon finds employment with a merchant named Kamaswami and begins to learn the trade. Kamala then becomes his lover and teaches him what she knows about love. Years pass, and Siddhartha’s business increases tremendously in digits. He then becomes a rich man. He gambles, drinks, and dances, and anything that can be bought in the material world is his for the taking. He understands that the
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