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The Brahmin’s Son
1. Briefly describe Siddhartha.
Siddhartha is a good-looking, well-loved young man who has grown into the religious group of India,. He is full of knowledge, able to master the art of meditation.
2. For what two things does Govinda, his best friend, admire him?
Govinda admires his eyes and sweet voice as well as his grace movements and thoughts. Govinda truly admires his friend, hoping to follow in Siddhartha’s footsteps.
3. What does he fear if he stays at home and continues in his father’s religion?
He hears that he will not find happiness within himself nor find spiritual peace. He believes that not even the love of his parents and best-friend Govinda is enough to suffice him.
4. Why does he fear that he will
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1. List two observations Siddhartha makes that show that this is a time of awakening.
Siddhartha comes to realize that he has discovered who he really is, he is Siddhartha. He knows himself more than any other teaching or religion. As he comes to self-realization, he comprehends he has been letting himself slip away, he has been running away from himself.
2. What is the ferryman’s philosophy about life and people? Where did he learn it?
The ferryman mentions “Everything comes back again” (44), implying that the world is run in a cyclical fashion. He believes that everything is connected, suggesting that Siddhartha and himself, will see each other for they have crossed paths. The ferryman learns about this by studying the river’s water movements.
3. What changes does he make after he first sees Kamala?
Siddhartha changes his physical appearance, trying to make a first impression and match the beauty of Kamala. Siddhartha shaves his beard off, oils his hair, and bathes by the river.
4. How does Kamala tell Siddhartha to act toward Kamaswami? Why?
She insists Siddhartha should be friendly yet have a powerful voice. She tells him to not become his servant but rather Kamaswami’s equal for she will not take in Siddhartha as a student if he stoops below his position.


1. What habits has Siddhartha retained from his home life and early experiences?
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