Essay on Siddhartha: Search for Meaning, Step by Step

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Search For Meaning, Step By Step “What are we living for?” People throw these profound questions often. As modern time improves its quality of life, people attach great importance to search for meaning. In the process of searching for meaning, there are mainly 3 steps that many people go through; formative period influenced by surroundings, transition period encircled by lures and sins, and the completion along with a mentor. Yet, everyone experiences these steps different and produce diverse consequences like Siddhartha from the novel Siddhartha by Herman Hesse and non-believers in reality showing apparent distinctions. From the age of infant to the age of death, surroundings affect people’s lives greatly. Also, people tend to search…show more content…
Through this path, wise people use the distractions to further their journey while people apart from Christ lose themselves in the distractions. Siddhartha, the wise one, was lured by Kamala. Kamala reeled Siddhartha into a life of business and lust. After 20 years of life full of distractions, Siddhartha realizes that he had lost sight of search for meaning and decides to embark on his journey once again. At the same time, non-believers also get easily distracted by many temptations. They live a life where they are just trying to gain more materialistic things such as bigger house, expensive clothes, higher position, and more money. In I Timothy 6:10, God tells his followers, “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.” People apart from Christ do anything what it takes to achieve materialistic goals without any unpleasantness. Furthermore, once they are lost in a world full of materialistic pleasures, it is difficult for them to be found again. As people grow old, they look back at the path that they have walked. Sagacious people discern right and wrong from their past and try to improve. After all the time of enticement and pleasure, Siddhartha serves his experience of wandering as a foundation to his enlightenment. Then, he once again embarks on his journey of enlightenment. On his new journey, he meets a wise ferryman, Vasudeva
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