Siddhartha's Spiritual Journey Essay examples

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From the river of life where Siddhartha learns the unity of all things, he takes himself back to the river he once crossed, and falls into a deep sleep that reawakens him to the world. Throughout the novel, Siddhartha travels to find spiritual meanings in his life as he deals with the Samanas, Gotama Buddha, the Kamala and the ferryman. From different events that happen to him physically and mentally, Siddhartha realizes what he is set out to do. After his father tells Siddhartha that he may join the Samanas if he wishes, Siddhartha searches for the three stages on his journey to enlightenment that are the stage of the mind, the stage of the flesh, and the stage of transcendence. When Siddhartha discards all material possessions and…show more content…
Crying from the death of Kamala, Siddhartha saw in his dream that the bird was dead, just as all that was good in had died during his time living the life of a rich person. As Siddhartha realizes life has many meanings when he Siddhartha continued down the road until he met Vasudeva by the ferry again; the stage of transcendence begins. In the river, Siddhartha sees images come together, just as he hears voices come together. "He saw that the water continually flowed and flowed and yet it was always there, it was always the same and yet every moment it was new. (135)" More years passed and Siddhartha learned many more secrets from the river. Siddhartha and his son who "left the river and headed back to the town (126)"where Siddhartha's life began. Siddhartha's "life goes around in a cycle (132)" when he realizes that he gained the wisdom from his journey that he can pass it on to his son. Siddhartha not only experienced the stage of the mind, the stage of the flesh, and the stage of transcendence, but he overcame them so well that he eventually achieved a great peace inside of him. Siddhartha lives with himself and life, and is able to completely experience what the meaning of life really meant. Also he experiences enlightenment by accomplishing his goals. He is an example for people to follow through the rigorous course of
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