Side Effects Of Moving Out Research Paper

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10595999_10202291921880374_861393921_n Dear Journal Today is day 4 in the hotel after moving out and handing over the keys to the house to our landlord. In total it took us five days to clean down and touch up the house. As we were going the motions of moving out I started experiencing the side effects. Side Effect #1 of moving out . As you're packing out you'll obviously notice the how much space was in the room before you filled it up with a bunch of crap. When the items start coming out one by one and the house begins to feel more and more vacant ; you'll regret leaving . The some thing happened to me when I saw my hallowed out bedroom , I almost instantly wanted to cry over the fact that I wouldn't get to sleep in my bed for the next few months , and watch Netflix on my desk till two in the morning . (sorry mom! ) anyway pretty soon the entire house had nothing but a television on the second floor . As off right now it has been two days since I last seen that house.…show more content…
When you go threw the pile I guarantee you will find something you have lost six months ago . And as you're freaking out about that one thing you lost . the most important question accurse . " Do I still need this when I have survive half a year without it. Dad's point of view : When you get use to seeing the something everyday , you become attach to that seeing that one thing. Then when it is time to decide whether you need this item or not. You are almost blindsided to actual value of this
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