Side Effects of the Drug Psilocybin Essay

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Side Effects of the Drug Psilocybin

There have been many experiments and personal testimonies documenting the side effect behavior changes and effects reported by users of the drug Psilocybin from ancient history until more modern times. For instance, the Aztecs believed that they were capable of moving back and forth between the earthly and supernatural realms (Schwartz 1988). This travel between realms was often associated with hallucinatory trances guided by their god for the entheogens-the Prince of Flowers. The Aztecs called this ritual "the flowery dream;" this was induced by sacred mushrooms (Erowid). The trend towards experimenting with
Psilocybin to determine its effects on the body started in the
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According to one online source, there is a effect-time curve documenting the general reaction to
Psilocybin (see Appendix 1). The total duration of the reaction is about 4-7 hours when the Psilocybin is ingested orally, but the experience is divided into four stages: Onset, lasting from
15-60 minutes, Coming Up, lasting from 15-30 minutes, Plateau, lasting from 2-4 hours, and Coming Down, lasting from 1-3 hours
(Schwartz 1988). In addition to these four general stages, there are three different levels of effects. The mildest are the
Threshold Effects (from .25 gm to .75 gms of Psilcybe), which are characterized by a slight cold feeling, mild gas or nausea, nervous-feeling, pupil dilation, mild visual changes including lights seeming brighter, and noticing movement at the periphery of vision, giddiness, more emotional sensitivity, and other effects related to a change in neurochemistry (Erowid, Schwartz

The next level, termed Medium Effects (from .75 gm to 2.5 gms of Psilocybe) are characterized by a cold feeling, gastrointestinal discomfort, pupil-dilation, open-eye visual effects, such as auras around lights, and rainbowing around lighting, noticing movement around the visual periphery, increased or decreased ability to focus, closed eye visuals with an increased ability to visualize creatively spontaneous
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