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Spirituality in Healing Hospitals
Ryan Sidebottom
April 22, 2012
HLT 310V Spirituality in Healthcare
Grand Canyon University

A growing topic in healthcare today is the focus on promoting a “healing” environment. While many consider all hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers to be healing facilities they are not recognized as such by the Baptist Healing Trust of Nashville Tennessee. To be deemed a “healing hospital” a facility possesses three key components which are not only physical in nature but spiritual as well. By recognizing the relationship between the two, a facility is able to overcome many of the barriers that present challenges for other companies. By identifying the key components and broken barriers one can
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As unfortunate as this may be, many companies are in the healthcare industry for no other reason than to turn a profit. While this doesn’t mean a patient will receive inadequate care, it is hard for employees to buy into the culture of “Radical Caring Love” when the major concern is always the bottom dollar. When employees do not buy in to the culture of healing then they become unconcerned if a loud phone is constantly ringing, or if a another nurse’s patient has had a call light on for ten minutes. Some other obstacles would be location and age of the building. Many inner-city hospitals are located in the heart of some very unsavory neighborhoods, and while everyone deserves the same quality of care it is hard to promote a healing environment when patient family members are afraid to get out of their locked car. Not to mention that many of these buildings are old and lack advances in technology that allows a patient to feel safe and secure about the care they are receiving and keeps them waiting on tests to be performed of results to be given.
Overall, the advancement towards establishing more facilities that are designated “healing hospitals” is a welcome change. Though many people may believe a spiritual and healing experience is just another way to force religion upon society it needs to be

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