Sidney Crosby

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Sidney Crosby The place was Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Day was Friday, August 7, 1987. On this day, a man, Troy, and a woman, Trina, rejoiced in the birth of their first born child, a son. A son that would soon choose to live, eat, and breathe hockey. A child, unknown at the time, who would soon take the National Hockey League by storm. A child who would become the greatest, talented player of all the hockey world, and who would remarkably achieve this goal by the age of nineteen. This is Sidney Patrick Crosby and this is his story. It all started when Sidney’s father, Troy, who played major junior hockey as a goalie, gave him a little hockey stick at the age of two! Sidney played around with the stick and practiced daily in the…show more content…
He participated in World Champions where he became the youngest player ever to win a World Championship title. He recorded a tournament-best eight goals and eight assists in nine games. Also, Crosby was named the tournament’s top forward. He was also named to the competitions all-star team ( Sidney adapted well to life in Pittsburgh. He found the people to be very welcoming and the city very exciting. Since Sidney’s family stayed in Nova Scotia to raise their other child, Taylor, who is nine years younger than Sidney, Mario Lemieux invited Sidney to live with him and his family in Pittsburgh. Sidney lives in a separate wing of the house. He really enjoys life at the Lemieux’s. They eat dinner together when there is not a game. Sidney has fun with Mario’s four children. In fact, after Sidney returns home from a road trip the children can not wait to see him (interview). Outside of hockey, Sidney likes to join his friends and teammates for a night of dinner and fun. His best friend, who also happens to be his “on the road” roommate, is his fellow teammate Colby Armstrong. Sidney and Colby, along with the rest of the team, often enjoy playing pranks on each other. For example, they often steal each other’s room keys and trash their rooms. They also do soccer drills prior to a game to get the energy pumping. Almost every player has a pre-game ritual. Sidney’s includes a morning skate, eating a
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