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Gladys Turnbull

Submitted to: Professor Kevin Reynolds
SEC 574 Database Security
Keller Graduate School of Management
Submitted: 22 August 2012

Abstract: SIDPERS Security Plan developed for the Virgin Islands National Guard is procedural protection of this highly sensitive database holding the personnel records of over 960 active service members and over 10,000 retirees’ skeleton military personnel records. It is with great err on caution that we recommend and enforce the highest level of tiered defense in depth security measure to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of this data; because we know its’ compromise and/or loss will reap
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Other security elements are in reference to data recovery, database administration, handling a breach in security and administrative security policies such as access procedure, employee transfer and excessive user access. As I assume the role of the chief security officer, database designer, database administrator, and chief applications designer this project is very important to the armed services and the Virgin Islands National Guard as we strive to provide global security. II. Architecture and Operating System Considerations
SIDPERS Architecture
The database runs on the Oracle 11g platform and the CIO has task me to prepare a responsive database security plan. If personnel data is compromise identity theft can ensue and millions of dollars will be lost in repairing the wronged individual and rebuilding soldiers’ confidence in Department of Defense commitment to protecting their private information. It is not just the soldier information stored here but every dependent information and legal responsibility of single soldiers. The Standard Installation Division Personnel System Version 3 (SIDPERS-3) is a Standard Army Management Information System developed in 1991 with more automated personnel actions than ever before. The system consists of a relational data base, application software written in Ada, and a hardware suite. The hardware architecture is a host-based design with a

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