Sid's Silent Whisperings

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There were moments where I would talk normally and gaze at the opals in my hands. Often, a smile would appear over the damn dirt stains of my face. But at times, a rush of water would overwhelm my eyes and I would let them flow continuously until I became bloody unconscious. “It was a dark foggy day when I came upon these bright green and blue opals,” I mutter as I began reminiscing about the last thirty years. I stumbled upon the strangest opals that appeared to glow, only realizing that later, it was no opals, cause’ no damn opals like that had stared at me before. As the fog started to clear up, the appearance of a little girl my age stepped towards. “Hey, you!” I shouted, which didn’t seem to be loud enough to be heard, but still, she stumbled to make her way towards me. I notice how bruised and lost she must have been and with her opal eyes, she can see that I was too. We walked through the black darkness of Lightning Ridge for what felt like a bloody eternity, where every second felt like a minute and every minute felt like a damn hour. The thought of having no place to go made the massive walk silent and still. There were times when she gaze my way and mutter a question now and then. I would tell her about my life, wandering to places trying to escape the abusement at home. “That why you bruised up?” She asked as her opal eyes beamed at me. “Yes, my dad would be damn glad I left, but he might miss beating

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